Civil and Criminal SEC Actions/Asset Tracing and Recovery


Our consultants include hedge fund, audit, and forensic accounting specialists that work closely with the SEC and the United States Department of Justice to protect investors from losses.

We advise on civil and criminal actions as well as asset tracing and recovery. We can quickly assess fraudulent hedge funds and can support litigation related to the SEC, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Internal Revenue Service and/or the DOJ.

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Building a Strong Foundation

Pre-Trial Consulting

Independent Experience

Expert Witness

Our experts can testify on behalf of attorneys and investors on topics related to asset management, equity and bond investment strategies, complex financial schemes and forensic accounting. We handle all asset classes including equity, credit, real assets, and alternative investments.

We specialize in topics related to private credit funds, private real investments, insurance schemes, private equity and trade finance. With a deep background in global capital markets, fraud examination, and hedge fund management, we are uniquely positioned to support your plaintiff. 

Investment and Fraud Analysis

With significant experience in the early detection of risks in direct lending portfolios, our firm is uniquely positioned to review and analyze your investment managers. Extensive UCC checks, returns comparisons, quantitative analysis, and thorough background investigations have led to highly valuable risk mitigation for our clients.

Post-Trial and Recovery Consulting

LOFFCO supports stakeholders and government bodies during the bankruptcy and recovery process. We help to locate assets located offshore and domestically, and we can also identify related parties and entities to include in potential judgments.


Our consultants have experience identifying numerous fraudulent investment schemes, including seven that have resulted in the filing of a civil action by the SEC, two of which concern suspected multi-billion-dollar frauds that are currently being investigated by the SEC, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Internal Revenue Service and/or the DOJ.


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Hedge Funds and Short Sellers

Special Situations

We provide an array of services to fund managers with strategies related to special situations and short positions. Hedge funds can use our diligence work to identify firms and managers which, in turn, often leads them to tradeable securities linked to our insights.

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